The Middle Man’s Big Idea: Capitalism

There is a lot of misunderstanding about our economic system. What works on paper does not always work when we add in the human factor. Free Market Capitalism cannot exist, because humans are corrupt. The current debate about Socialism is not about dividing all money equally, but about providing a level playing field, which requires intervention to balance out the corruption.

Redistribution isn’t a reference to taking money from people who have EARNED it, but about taking money from people who have cheated the system to TAKE it unfairly. Inherited wealth, capital gains and profits are all unEARNED income, acquired from other people’s productivity. There was a time when goods of equal value were exchanged with no profit in the equation. When the middle man came along, he created Capitalism to justify how he could take a portion of the pie without making any contribution in the form of a product or service. This is not to say that a middle man is never necessary, but that the middle man is not ALWAYS necessary. Additionally, we must question why the middle man feels entitled to receive the LARGER portion of the pie, causing lower wages and higher prices, which cheats all of us.

I think many of us would agree that most politicians are greedy, power-hungry sycophants, which is why the people need to stop supporting policies that put money in their pockets, our money. They are conspirators in Capitalism, which is also why we, as citizens, must participate in government and why regulation is necessary. FREE MARKET Capitalism can never exist due to human greed, which encourages and leads to corruption, ALWAYS. Let it sink in, then read on…

Any person who craves power (politicians, big business leaders and the super wealthy) is dangerous and not to be trusted. All businesses are dictatorships, unless they are a co-op (co-operatives are employee-operated). Capitalism encourages these types of slave-owner behaviors, which ultimately ends in an oligarchy… every time… all throughout history… ALWAYS.

I studied economics in college when I declared a major in business administration. I’ve also studied history, psychology and observed human nature in my business dealings. I’ve worked with and for many powerful and wealthy people. What I saw is good people doing corrupt things for MONEY. What they craved is power and FREEDOM, but at the expense of the freedom of those who worked for them.

I’m a very good Capitalist (but I also have a conscience, which conflicts with the tenets of Capitalism), because I understand money, business, psychology and marketing.  Created by Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud), marketing is the process of fooling people into buying what you’re selling by appealing to their fears and insecurities. My disdain for marketing is that it influences the consumer, instead of letting them be free (without persuasion or coercion) to make their own decisions. Capitalism encourages competition, which leads to “marketing,” which is a form of corruption itself. Using girls in bikinis to sell cars? Is it not manipulative and corrupt to use trickery to sell products? Is it not corrupt to prey on the weak and uninformed?

In the world we live in today, life has become extremely complicated, so we must rely on others for our information. How are we to know who to trust, if we have no time to research it ourselves? We must rely on community and community creates leaders, government. A good government is kept in check by those in the community, but when money enters the picture, leaders become corrupt. We won’t attract a different kind of leader until we take money out of the equation, put limits on terms and place restrictions on power.

In Free Market Capitalism, the corruption of power is blatant, as the owner of the business is a self-appointed dictator. Capitalism itself is a dictatorial form of enterprise, which affects employees on a social, financial and psychological level and completely strips them of any FREEDOM:  to freely speak their mind (try telling your boss what you really think of his ideas), to do what they want (try telling your boss that you want to take some time off to see your child in a play), to determine the worth of their labor (the “market” determines your worth), to negotiate their time (try telling your boss that you want to work from 9 – 6, instead of from 8 – 5), etc……………………………………

Capitalism made the USA a wealthy nation because of slavery, not because of free markets. You may argue that there have never been free markets in the history of the world, but then how could you be so sure that they work? It’s my solid belief that we have never had 100% free markets, because any time we get close to having them, the economy creates so many poor people that there is a revolution. There is an invisible hand at work and that invisible hand creates balance, which prevents Capitalism from taking hold completely.

The word Capitalism itself tells us that you must have CAPITAL to play the game. As long as we permit inheritances, then there will never be a fair playing field. Any good Capitalist should agree that inheritances upset the market by placing CAPITAL into the hands of those who have done nothing to EARN their money giving them an unfair advantage, just like government officials who give their cronies an unfair advantage. If we go all in with Capitalism, then we must start there – no more inheritances. We all EARN our own way.

So, how does the system of Capitalism fare without government intervention? It can’t, without morphing into an oligarchy. From the start, Capitalism gives those with CAPITAL dictatorship status. Clearly, Capitalism is corruption itself.  What a great idea for someone who doesn’t want to contribute, but who wants a piece of everyone else’s productivity.

It’s Not About Racism

Focusing on racism is a losing battle. There is no solution, because every racist is convinced that they are correct in their opinion. Before anyone gets out a dictionary to try to twist the meaning of this issue with a definition of racism let me make clear what I mean. I’m talking about the racism that we see in the news lately: the focus on behavior that makes people hate each other in groups. Police are bullies. Blacks are thugs. Whites are racists. Muslims are evil. Christians are crazy. Rich people are greedy. Poor people are lazy. The middle class is stupid. If we were to ignore the plurality, there is truth in every one of those statements.

We’re all angry, but why aren’t things changing? The reason our problems aren’t improving is because we aren’t focusing on changing the systems that cause the problems. Instead, we are falling for the propaganda, which stokes emotion by focusing on people – lumping together the individuals who seem to have caused the trouble into groups that include even the innocent. The media manipulates the masses like puppets. Why don’t we ever hear of the little girls being sold into sex slavery in the US? Why don’t we often hear about the elderly being beaten in nursing homes? Why don’t we protest over the drug cartels that destroy the lives of our youth? Because the media doesn’t cover those stories on a mass scale. We get little blips of the stories, so we don’t pay attention.

I’m not trying to belittle the problem of racism, but I’m trying to put it in perspective. Yes, it’s a problem, but the focus is in the wrong direction. I’m glad to see people finally get angry over something, but I fear that the anger is misdirected and could cause more problems, certainly not solutions. We should empower the oppressed, rather than think that a protest will change the minds of those who believe their assumptions are correct. And you don’t fix racism by telling little black children that white people hate them. The result is reverse racism and low self-esteem, which creates deeper troubles.

In my life-time study of human behavior, one thing I know is that there is always a reason for deviant, evil or selfish actions. The cause is always in the mind, stemming from circumstance, experience and education. Every black person who hates white people has most likely been mistreated, looked down upon, criticized or abused by some white people, so he/she wrongly accuses ALL white people of racism. Every white person who lives in a community with black thugs wrongly accuses ALL black people of being lazy criminals. All rich people are greedy, all poor people are moochers, all cops abuse their position of authority, etc. We make these assumptions when that’s what we see. And though we know that it’s not ALL, just some, we don’t realize that it’s the circumstance that has put those people in their position and those conditions can be changed, which will also change their behavior.

We must all take responsibility for creating and participating in this culture, if we’re going to arrive at solutions. Name-calling doesn’t encourage solutions; it encourages hate and punishes innocents. We want to blame someone, but what I know is that until we all take personal responsibility for our society, nothing will change, because you can’t change ANYONE, except yourself. You can’t make someone not hate you, but what you can do is show them through your actions that you’re not deserving of their hate.

So, if not blame the people, what do we do? Extremism is our greatest problem. We must mature and restore balance to our culture. Capitalism can elevate a society to great prosperity, if kept in balance to allow everyone a spot in the game. But, what we have all participated in is a system that has slowly morphed into a casino game. The terms to describe business are words like: risk-taker, crap-shoot, gamble, winner. Every time we look away when we see unjust treatment at work, each time we cheat a little to get ahead, when we buy products that have been manufactured in third world countries, when we brown-nose the boss, when we falsely advertise, when we use sexuality in advertising, when we ignore the homeless beggar, when we put our kids in private school, when we lie on our resume, when we lie about our age, when we dress for success, etc., we have participated in corruption of the system. We all do it in some way.

Whatever your opinion is, you are correct, but you may not be right, in the just sense of the word. From racism to Capitalism the solution is to empower the oppressed with education, opportunity and financial independence. Our battles shouldn’t be against groups of people, but against the system that dangerously doles out power to a few and oppresses the rest. Fight poverty and you will fight racism, sexism, religious extremism and every other unjust social issue, because when we have a system that includes everyone in the game, we have a greater chance at balance and harmony. A fight between equals is not really a fight, it’s a debate. But, when there is extremism, the fight usually erupts into violence, because that’s the final recourse to oppression. People die and no one wins.

Single Mothers

If we want to fix the many social problems that are destroying the country, then we have to start being honest about the root of the issues.  I’ve watched women intentionally get pregnant to try to trap a man, I’ve seen women get pregnant by accident and I know that some women just ended up with a jerk she had to leave for the sake of her children.  There are many ways that single mothers end up in their situation, but can’t we acknowledge that it’s not ideal for anyone involved?

Though I applaud them for doing their best to be good mothers, I do criticize women who had children without being in a stable situation.  It’s the child who suffers.  There are plenty of unwanted children in foster care that single women could love and nurture, if they weren’t so desperately looking to fill an egotistical desire for love in their mirror image.  Pro-creation is all about the ego.  If it was really about wanting to love and nurture a child, then the foster care system wouldn’t be so over-taxed.

This is no different than getting a puppy from the shelter vs. choosing the perfect one from a breeder.  Those who haven’t stretched their hearts, yet, won’t understand this and will think I’m a horrible woman for saying it.  I had to learn this, too, by a shelter dog that happened to pry my heart open in ways I never knew.  What I learned (that many others already know and many do not) is that love comes in all kinds of packages.

Let’s stop making excuses and address the underlying issue of why women end up being single parents:  men refuse to grow up.  With the women’s revolution (which I fully support), came an assault on the male ego.  Now men have to compete against women for jobs and then they come home to find that they are no longer king.  What the heck is an ego-driven male chauvinist to do?  Become an immature, irresponsible child in an adult’s body.  It’s pure trickery, because when a man tells a woman that he loves her, she will believe him and she will assume that he wants to stay with her.   She will want to bear his children.  The unfortunate result is often unplanned, unwanted and uncared for children.

Men need to grow up and act like adults and women need to stop being so desperate that they will accept crumbs for love.  There is a huge part of our population that is single and it’s not because they want to be alone, it’s because women are contributing more to a relationship and are demanding men to do the same.  The change in roles has scared men into a frozen state of adolescence.  As a society we have to show men that being with an equal partner won’t take their power away, it will actually give them a gift of deeper love and shared responsibility, not to mention the ultimate prize of coming home to a child that throws their arms around your neck and screams, “Daddy!”

My advice to the ladies:  Make a man prove his intentions before you get knocked up and you will end up with one who wants to stay.
My advice to the men:  Let your heart open and you will be handsomely rewarded.

Government for Dummies:

In addressing the Democrat and Republican economic ideals, what I see are two different ideals of economic philosophy, which influence economic policy. One philosophy is to win at all cost with profits being the score. The other philosophy is the idea that a business is a responsibility to the community to offer quality products and services, and to the employees to provide a safe, secure and fair working environment, while generating a profit.

We have cultivated a society with lots of greedy and lazy people, while those who really want to earn their own way have been squeezed out. There are solutions, but we have to be open to experimenting and discussing them, rather than arguing back and forth about which is better of the old and tired ways that don’t work in the long-term.

For instance, welfare is a great program that is in place to help those who need temporary assistance. It should not be long-term. Most commonly it is single mothers who need this assistance and I agree that a single mother must assure that her children are taken care of. But, I didn’t have kids for that reason: I’m a single woman. Why should I pay for someone else to have kids when I gave up that dream, so as not to be a burden to anyone?

I do acknowledge that for some women this isn’t a choice, as sometimes husbands die or leave. But I resent women who have children knowing very well that they don’t have the means to take care of them. It’s not fair to anyone. My suggestion is that, if a woman has children, let her stay home the first year living on welfare. When the child turns one, she can go to work and the government will provide free child care for all the mothers in the area at one location. Perhaps, the mothers could even work one day a month taking turns watching the children. This would be less costly and would also deter women from having kids, expecting a free ride. I don’t mean to criticize anyone currently using this system; I am criticizing our government for not coming up with better ideas.

As for business owners, I don’t think that owning a business gives you the right to exploit the work force. If you can’t afford to pay every employee a fair living wage, then you shouldn’t be in business. Go get a job. Owning a business is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. I did it on my own is BS. If you really want to claim that you did it on your own, then try working with NO employees. Even then, you rely on the public for your utilities, roads and even the consumers. You want to pay your employees $8 an hour while you drive a Mercedes, live in a home with a swimming pool, send your kids to college and take two vacations a year? Sorry, but not acceptable. If your employees aren’t taken care of first, then you need to review your business plan or close up the shop and give someone else a chance. There are plenty of hard-working, intelligent individuals who would love the opportunity.

Then, we come to the large corporations that are making record-breaking profits. They employ hundreds or even thousands of people, so we are under the impression that they are too big to fail and that we must cater to their demands or they will take their company overseas. That kind of blackmail should be challenged. There will always be someone who would love to step in and take over for less money. Look at what happened with Hostess. In the very least, the business could become a co-operative where the employees are the owners.

When we note the record-breaking profits for many corporations, we also see that the CEOs are gifted with huge bonuses and payment packages. Making it big in the stock market, while employees are on government assistance is poor business and should not be legal. I’m not interested in subsidizing a corporation’s employees’ wages, while the CEO runs off with millions.

Unless we stop playing the game of Monopoly, we will always end up right where we are today, with the game about over and a handful of people possessing the money pot, as the rest of the populace drops out of the game with no money left to play. Change is difficult to accept and it causes fear, but there are better ways and new ways to be embraced.

Technology has eliminated many jobs, but it has also created a whole new industry of careers and given the little guy a chance to start their own online business. Progress is supposed to make life easier, right? Who says that we have to work a 40-hour week to be considered a productive citizen? With the need for fewer employees, why not pay higher wages for a shorter work week? Profits are soaring thanks to technology, so why not let everyone share in the benefits? After all, if you didn’t invent the Internet, why should you be the only one to cash in on its advantages?

I’m disgusted with the lack of ingenuity of both political parties. These are not smart people running our country. They are devious, but they are not intelligent. When the Republicans opposed ObamaCare, they couldn’t even offer a better solution. The Democrats want to give out charity to everyone, but I see them doing nothing to address the corporate welfare scam. So, why are the Democrat’s policies good for businesses? Which party has better economic ideas? In my opinion, they both s**k!

Patriot Acts

Flag-WaveI remember as a little girl placing my hand over my chest, as I recited the pledge of allegiance each day in school.  Though I didn’t really understand the full meaning of the words, in my little mind I knew they meant something important.  That flag represented something I didn’t yet comprehend, but through the years, any time the Star Spangled Banner played or the Pledge of Allegiance was spoken, I gave my full attention with great reverence.

When Christina Aguilera sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in 2011, I felt great passion in my heart.  Images flashed through my mind, as if clips from a movie, of the men who fought and died to preserve our freedoms.  Tears poured from my eyes as the camera scanned the football players who were about to play one of the biggest games of their careers.  I watched a few choke back tears and one couldn’t hold them, as they poured from the corner of his eye.

Why were we so touched?  For one, Christina Aguilera sang with the passion that I was feeling.  Those who criticized her for flubbing a few words missed a great moment, as they chose to see the bad, rather than the good.  That’s what happens when we look for something negative to criticize – we miss the good moments.  Another reason I believe this song touched me so was because of the feeling of uncertainty about the future of this great nation.

Founded on principles of equability, I’m a true believer of the original meaning of the American Way.  Throughout all of history nations have failed when those who rose in stature used the government for their own personal gain.  Desperately I want the United States to be the exception.  The Declaration of Independence asserts that we have the inalienable right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  Let me make this clear to anyone who stands in the way of that document, written in the blood of our ancestors:  Good Always Wins.

July 4, 2013, is a very sad, melancholy day for many of us.  Independence?  I think not.  Indifference?  We are failing. We are a disappointment to our fore fathers.

Today I pledge my allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.  Tomorrow I will rise again, renewed and ready to continue the fight for freedom.  Good Always Wins.

Mr. and Mrs. 1%

So you’re part of the 1%? You have more money than you could ever spend, 40% of the world’s wealth. You’re amassing greater wealth by the minute to leave to your heirs, robbing them of the character-building struggles the 99% experience. This sense of entitlement and lack of character will drive your heirs to make more money, with power being the ultimate goal, as they have everything else. You claim that anyone who works hard enough could be in your position, knowing that’s not true, but it sounds good. You also know that you could use your money to build schools or provide food for the poor, but you scoff at the idea. It’s their own fault they were born into an unfortunate position in life. You believe that you are special and are meant to be wealthy, because you know how to manage money and others would only squander it. You are a job creator.

Let me explain something that you cannot seem to grasp. This is more for your benefit than mine. I’m concerned for you, because you are an empty, soulless, miser who has no idea what joy is. You have created a world where everyone pretends to agree with you for fear of being cast aside. You must fret over being outsmarted by others of your kind. You worry that you will be robbed. You must fight every day to keep what you have and the only thing that makes you feel of any worth is to make more money, giving you a higher score on your bank ledger. You have no idea who genuinely enjoys your company. You have no sense of reality, because you are in a bubble. You are not really living, you are existing. You see, Mr. and Mrs. 1%, in order to be alive you must give back as much as you receive. You must give to feel real joy.

In conclusion, you may have 40% of the world’s wealth, but you are to be pitied, because you are actually very poor.

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on your win for the White House a second time. You will go down in history as a treasured president.

I’ve been a passionate supporter of yours, until recently. Your position on gun control has been a disappointment; I feel betrayed. Though I understand your thoughts on the issue, I can’t support you, knowing that once rights are lost, they won’t easily be regained. It’s a dangerous world and you know that we can’t legislate away evil. In this instance, what we can do is curb media violence, promote gun safety, stop negligently medicating our citizens, keep dangerous criminals in jail and limit gun sales to those who are responsible. I support most of the ideas you have proposed in your executive order. Where you lost me is in the low-capacity ammo clips and banning “assault weapons,” which have caused very few murders. This has caused skepticism among many of your supporters and the opposition. Many people question, “Banning assault weapons and limiting the ammo clips would do little to save lives, so what is the real agenda?” Perhaps they are correct in their skepticism. There are so many more effective ways to save lives, if that is really the goal.

The 2014 election will be tough, if these policies move forward. I’ll be forced to vote Republican, which makes me cringe. Many people feel that there’s nothing more important than the right to bear arms, preferably anonymously. Most are willing to compromise on the background checks, because that seems to be an effective way to curb violence. However, taking away freedoms that will do nothing of significance causes great suspicion. I believe that you are a good, reasonable man, but in this case, I just don’t agree. I’m not a member of the NRA or a gun nut, but I’m concerned about a government that wants to chip away at the right to bear arms with no solid reason for the decision, except to begin implementation of a gun ban. People aren’t stupid. For me, this is about principle. You have cleverly used the media to manipulate people with flaring emotions to gain support, but they will notice one by one what has happened and they will feel duped.

I hesitated to write this letter and have postponed it for a month. I suppose there are many other people you won’t hear from, until the next election. But, I thought maybe there’s a chance that my voice will make a difference, so I’m writing to ask that you please reconsider your actions in this matter.

With great respect,
Kellie Nicholson

Ban Guns! Create World Peace!

In review of my political opinions, there are few sensible people who agree with me on everything, though there are some.  I’ve angered just about everyone else on one point or another in exercising my right to freedom of speech.  Sticking to my principles, I will not post anonymously, like a coward.  I will stand by my beliefs proudly.

Now, another issue arises and I can’t stay quiet.  I don’t know where to start here…  I’m a liberal, a woman, and I typically base my decisions on hard facts and logic, over emotions.  I’m not a gun “nut,” NRA member or a conspiracy theorist.  In the gun debate, what I’m seeing is the exact same hypocrisy on the side of the liberals that they accuse the conservatives of.  Twisting of facts, omission of valid points and blatant ignorance will not help us arrive at a good solution to the problem of gun-related deaths.  By doing so, you may get what you want, but that may not mean you win.

I’ll start with the obvious.  In order to fully understand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it’s important to also read the expanded thoughts and detailed explanations our fore fathers provided in the Federalist Papers, State Constitutions and personal accounts.  It’s clear that they were attempting to consider every possible scenario when they wrote each statement, as every word has specific meaning.  In regards to security, their concerns were foreign invasion, tyranny and personal protection.

Second Amendment:  A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

As the Supreme Court has ruled many times, the Bill of Rights refers to “the people” repeatedly as individuals.  Therefore, it is clear that the right of “the people” to bear arms is meant for the individual, which is to assume that people who have arms will be ready when needed to protect the state as a working militia.  There wasn’t supposed to be a standing army of the federal government in times of peace.  State militias (made up of armed individuals) were supposed to be the strongest point of defense, to become the national military in times of foreign invasion.  Many states also included in their State Constitutions that the individual’s right to “bear arms for the defense of themselves and the state was not to be infringed.”  There is no twisting the words any other way.

So, times change; we could amend the Constitution.  I’m not opposed to changing the Constitution in order to adapt to our evolving society.  But I implore all to consider the consequences, especially in this situation.  We have no idea what our world will look like in 10, 20 or 30 years.  Once you give up the right to bear arms, you will not get it back.  Never give up ANY power, thinking that you may get it back.  You won’t without a revolution, and without guns, there could be no revolution.

What about tyranny?  No, our little handguns and rifles would not stand up to the US military, but who says that every person serving in our military would support a government coup?  That’s crazy talk, but I had to make the point.  We all know someone in the armed services.  Do you really think all of those people are going to shoot their neighbors and family members to support a government takeover?  I don’t think the government is going to use drones or bombs to kill us, anyway.  That is not permitted by the Constitution (said in jest).  What is actually happening in the US is not some grand plot to turn the country into a dictatorship.  We are prey to a much more covert and evil character, greed.

The powers behind our government, large corporations (not your small businesses that may be incorporated), have stripped US citizens of their financial power – in fear of terrorists, our government is taking away our basic freedoms (Patriot Act, NDAA – look them up) – and under the premise that we will all be safer, they want to ban ALL gun ownership for private citizens.   Knowing that many of us are angry at what our government has allowed corporations to do to our economy, they are afraid of a well-armed populace.  They will be safer, if we are all unarmed.  They are not doing their jobs and they know we are angry.  They continue to ignore our plight of inequality, of financial strife and, so, they are very afraid.

The solution would be to fix the problem, simply by regulating businesses, assuring that all employees are paid a fair living wage, thus eliminating the need for most of the “entitlement” programs.  But, NO, they want ALL of the money and they know where that road leads… to REVOLUTION.  That’s why they want the guns.  God, I hate sounding like a nutty Republican (though not all Republicans are nutty), but in this case they are right.

No one in our government cares about all of the people who are shot in the ghetto over drugs, which is where the majority of murders occur.  They don’t care about crime in poor areas, because they live in gated communities.  They are using an awful tragedy to manipulate US citizens into believing that they care about our protection.  NO, they care about THEIR own protection.  Please understand that I love President Obama and I think he is a good man.  There are many great politicians who care about people; I am speaking only about the government as a collective body, a broken system that has been corrupted by money.  They do not plan to fix our economic problems, because they are as divided as we are about the solutions.  They know that things are not going to change without some type of aggression.  Therefore, they don’t purposely intend to disable us as individuals, but they have backed themselves into a corner, with no way out.  So, they must or they will face the wrath of millions of people, who have guns.

“We don’t want to take away your guns; we just want common sense regulation.”  When you make comparisons to the UK and Australia, yes, you do want to take away the guns.  Those countries permit no personal gun ownership.  The truth is that the only way to stop murders with guns is to take them ALL away.  That could work in an isolated place, like Australia, and even the UK, which are fairly small in population.  By the way, the gun ban stopped gun murders, but it did not stop other types of murders, so their numbers of murders have changed very little.  People still kill, but they use other weapons and now only criminals have the guns.

Back to the point… in a country as huge as the US, with as many guns already in circulation – many unregistered – it would be impossible to round them all up.  Most guns would be taken from law-abiding citizens, with only criminals and, most likely, the elite (money can buy anything in the US) having possession.  When you see celebrities and wealthy people calling for people to turn in their guns, be sure that they would still want to have their armed security at their side.  They will just feel better if everyone else is unarmed.  That makes the world safer for THEM, but screw everyone else.

It’s a fact that in the countries that have banned guns, they also have very high violent crime rates.  Rapes go way up.  Robberies go up.  Suicide rates are still high, as the tortured souls find other means to kill themselves.  The other issue with banning ALL guns in the US is the fact that we are right on the Mexican border.  Think.  Black Market.  Drugs.  If I have to spell it out, you are hopeless.

Then, there’s the argument against the NRA.  I couldn’t care less what they do.  They support the business of guns, just like the oil companies have lobbies.  They are in it for the money.  They will say anything to sell their product.  Isn’t that the American Way?  Why criticize them for doing the same thing Monsanto does with our food?  When they suggested that we put armed guards in our schools, you would have thought they suggested that every child pack a gun in their lunchbox.  Well, stop the stupidity, this is the very same idea President Bill Clinton had years ago.  It works on campuses across the country.  Seriously, stop with the emotions and think a little.

Finally, I want to address the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.  The photos and videos of that day, those horrified little faces, and the devastated parents have broken my heart.   Every day that I watch the news, my heart is equally broken for the kid who was killed by the babysitter, the child who was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a deranged nut, the toddler shot by stray gunfire in a drug community or the baby that was shaken to death by her own father.  I don’t see the same outrage for those injustices that happen every day.  Why?  Before you jump to give an answer, think about it.  Check your ego and think about it.  The answer that few will admit is because you only care about your own kids.  It wasn’t about those kids, it’s about yours.  You don’t care about the kids you see on the news every day.  That’s fine, but stop with the hypocrisy.

If you love your children and you want a bright future for them, then think about what we really need to do in the world to achieve a peaceful society where no one feels the need to have a gun.  Angry people are dangerous and the rage is brewing in this country.  We must stop the complacency, thinking that simple solutions, like gun control, will actually have any positive affect at all on our futures.  It’s a big, dirty job, but placing band-aids over gaping wounds will get us nowhere.  Get off of your indifferent ass and demand that the government listen to you to make our communities better for everyone.  That’s when we can all feel safe.

Many people quote scholars wishing for a world of peace and love, they sign a few petitions calling for gun control and then they believe that they have done their civic duty.  They think, now the world is a better place, my children are safe and I can go back to watching mindless television.  You may like to think that stricter gun regulations will make an impact on our society being safer, but I will boldly tell you that you are WRONG.  A complete gun ban is required, and still, it won’t stop the large numbers of suicides or even mass killings by those who are determined.  There are just too many ways to kill.   Citing statistics is just silly when you look at all the ways that innocent people are negligently killed in numbers far higher than from gun murders… careless doctors, swimming pools, drunk drivers, accidents of all kinds, drugs, etc.

I am disappointed by so many, intelligent people who are not thinking with a clear head about the consequences of demanding strict gun control.  You are playing right into the hands of the system that wants you to be submissive and to take what they decide you will have.  You have fallen for the propaganda, the same tactics that you claim “stupid” Republicans fall for.  You are giving away the last bit of power we, as citizens, have. Your paranoia and fear are causing you to make bad, irreversible decisions for the next generation.   As much as you want to believe in fairy tales, you are no better than the religious people you criticize for believing that Jesus will save them.  There will always be evil lurking in the shadows.  Wake up and look at the world for what it is.   Unless you are living in a stupor of ignorance, you must see that there are wars, oppression, monopolies, starving children, drugs, corruption and injustices everywhere around us.  As long as there is greed, ego and the thirst for power, there will be a need to protect ourselves.   That’s the intention behind the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Without the Second Amendment, there is no Constitution.

Please take a few minutes to review the chart I made through much effort to find these statistics from reliable sources.  They clearly demonstrate what gun bans do.  Facts don’t change according to what you want to believe.  As the comment below points out, I did not post the rates, as they were not available, but if you allow for crime rates decreasing naturally and  factor in population growth, then they even out.  The UK and AUS are not large countries with mass numbers like the US.  These statistics are fair and they show that you cannot stop murder, even if you take away all of the guns.


The Politics of Facebook

No matter how the election turns out, I am incredibly disappointed by so many of this country’s citizens. This election is not just a matter of opinions; we aren’t selecting a pair of shoes (though the wrong pair of shoes can really make life uncomfortable). This election is an opportunity to send a message to our politicians that we won’t tolerate their obstruction, their bigotry, their religious beliefs, their disrespect of women and gays or their lies and their cheating to win an election.

Those people who don’t want to get involved, who don’t really understand the issues, who complain that people are arguing on FB, who can’t wait for this to be over, who worry about offending others……………those people who stand back and criticize anything, except the political process are part of the problem. You are negative, haughty and you are not patriotic. You are not superior, because you don’t get involved, you are pathetic and indifferent, while others stand on the front lines to defend your beliefs or oppose your beliefs.

Ghandi says:
“It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of non-violence to cover impotence. Violence is any day preferable to impotence. There is hope for a violent man to become non-violent. There is no such hope for the impotent.”

I’m not promoting violence by any means, but attempting to point out that we will not achieve change, until we are ready to argue out our disagreements. Occupy Wall Street has not been effective, because they are being ignored. Why are they being ignored? Because they are not creating a stir. Yes, peaceful protests are more respectful and classy, but not effective. What I fear is that this will all eventually result in violent outbursts from people who have not been heard and then we will all be involved, like it or not.

Months ago, I made the decision to stand up for what I believe at all cost. I knew that I would offend others, lose clients and ruffle feathers. That was a consequence I am willing to bear in order to be a true American. I will stand up for poor children, the sick, the elderly, veterans, gays and women. I have been deleted and I have made many new friends of the same opinions on FB. It all evens out, because I got rid of some reprehensible people and gained some wonderful friends. Those who deleted me or who I deleted, I wish them no ill will, I don’t even remember them. It wasn’t personal. I am of no importance in their life, as they are not in mine. As for those who tolerated my posts, even when you emphatically disagreed and those who sat on the sidelines to avoid the drama, please don’t feel so proud, because either you agreed and didn’t back me up or you disagreed and you didn’t defend your own beliefs. I find that pathetic.

Let me finish with this thought. If you were offended or indignant when I called someone stupid and lazy for supporting Mitt Romney, then understand that I think you are equally reprehensible for not standing to defend your position. No matter which man becomes president tonight, you are needed. Your voice matters. If you are ashamed to publicly share your opinions, then perhaps you should rethink them. If you are more worried about being liked or not losing business clients, then shame on you for being so weak.

Many of these issues are as important as the fight to abolish slavery. If we don’t fight as hard as we can to make our voices heard, then our middle and lower classes will be enslaved by corporate interests and there will be no one left to fight for us. Though there are two sides here, keep in mind that in the war on slavery, there was clearly one side that was right. Our political system is infested with corruption, but please have the judgment to know which ones are creating it and which ones are fighting it. Mitt Romney represents the corporate interests and if you think anything else, you need to read more and open your mind to try to understand how our economy and government work.

Lowering taxes for the wealthy worked when their tax rates were 91%, not 36%. When people have vast resources of wealth, they have no incentive to work for more. They are motivated when they are forced to part with it via higher tax rates. This is simple, but I have talked to so many people who have no clue and it’s simply their own laziness. The information is all over the Internet, but football seems to be more important.

I love you my fellow citizen and you can be sure that I would feed you, if you came knocking on my door asking for food and I would fight for your rights, if you were being treated unfairly. That’s just who I am.

Slick and Quick

In 2009, when the economy had time to negatively affect most businesses, the weak ones began to drop like flies. I was hired by a wealthy man to manage his failing 1,200 person capacity sports bar. The first few months I worked as a consultant, then I committed to two days a week, which turned into the general manager’s position. The deal was that I would only be present two days a week, but this man had faith that two days of me was better than any other person full-time. To toot my own horn, he was probably right. There are other good managers, but few with my wide variety of experience in the business. (Not something I’m proud of, as this was never my plan.)

Instead of walking in and immediately making big changes, I took the first few months to observe how things worked, what each employee’s strengths were and I even assessed the customers. I found that some of the employees were top-notch and some needed to go, along with the free-loader patrons, who spent no money and made the place look bad with their unkempt wardrobes, all the while complaining about every little change I made to improve the establishment, meant to attract people who WOULD spend money.

The process was slow, as I didn’t want to lose business drastically before we had attracted new meat. My plan was to attract more females in this male-dominated sports bar with a new cocktail menu, parties, promotions and a little decorating. As we began to see more female faces, we also began to see slightly higher sales, while the economy was dipping. I was pleased, but the owner was not, because I insisted that every time we gave an employee a new title or more responsibility, they also got a raise. We argued over kitchen procedures, also. He didn’t see why it was unacceptable to announce to customers that it would be a 1 and ½ hour wait for food on a game day. My idea was to limit the menu, prepare what we could ahead of time and add a few more cooks to the staff, so customers might not only buy one appetizer, but perhaps a second before the game ended.

After about 6 months in the GM position, I was putting in many hours on my own time to get things in order. I had taken on a third day at the bar and was paid my rate, so I was fine with that, but I had very little talent to work with, so I did almost everything myself. I promoted one amazing bartender to be the bar manager, but barely had time to work with her before I got an email telling me that since I’m so unhappy with things, I should just concentrate on my own business. This is from a man who told me he thought of me as a sister. Now, I think business comes first, so that didn’t factor into my reason for being disgruntled. What angered me is that I told him all along that if he wanted to go in another direction at any time, just let me know, because though I loved the job, I had my own businesses and I would not give them up. We had also formed a partnership to start an events division of the business. An email? He was acting like a spoiled brat who hadn’t gotten his way, because I was challenging him.

Later, I found out that two slick guys, who I will call Don and Billy, were in his ear criticizing my approach to management. They told him that they could raise revenues by 3.5 million in one year. With me out of the way, they talked the owner into giving them a chance for less than I was paid (working three days a week) for BOTH of them working full-time. Now, at that point a smart man would question why these supposedly very successful men would work for so little. They also claimed to have money of their own, so I would wonder why they wouldn’t just buy their own bar. I always look beneath the surface for motivation. Am I crazy?

As I was hearing this information, I kept predicting what would happen next. I knew these types of men, because I had worked for them and with them in the past. As I had only heard bits and pieces about them, I tried not to be smug about what I thought would happen. Not only was I correct in my prediction, but it happened even quicker than I could have imagined.

They took over and talked the owner into spending big bucks to make the establishment look like every other Hollywood nightclub, which I would never have done. I was fine with keeping the charm of the place as it was, which could have been used as a model to franchise throughout the country, or turn it into a concert hall to compete with the few in town. A year later, the place was closed.

Moral of the story: When you find someone who has a plan with realistic expectations, do not trade them in for the slick man who lies and promises impossibilities. This is why I think I know what I’m talking about when I say that Mitt Romney is a slick man who wants to be president, but his ideas aren’t realistic. They don’t add up and he will go to war, if all else fails.